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Helpful Hints

Here are some tips that I learned the hard way, and hope to pass on to you. Some of them are usefull for the plans that I'm using to build mine, others are just in general.

For the plans:
  • A size 400 or 380 motor will work just as well as size 330.
  • The motor mount can be assembled on your own, but it's easier to just get it from
  • The packing foam (not peanuts!) you find in packages will work just as well as builder's foam, if you cut it.
  • Make sure you cut your skirt exactly eight inches wide. If it is uneven, you will not be a happy camper.
  • If you can't find plastic bolts, use Gorilla Glue or another super-strong waterproof glue that's safe for styrofoam
  • Double-sided PERMANENT scotch tape will do great to secure the skirt to the hovercraft. It is much easier and will leave it looking better than duct tape.

General tips:

  • Make sure you use a sharp knife so your cuts are clean.
  • Use masking tape, not duct tape. It's lighter, easier to remove, and easier to apply.

Griffon Tips:

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