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First Hovercraft

This is going to be the hard part for me. I had plans for how to build the body, however vague, but I have absolutely no guidance for a thrust/radio control system. I looked on various hobby websites, and all the "hobby" remote controls/recievers cost upwards of $50! So, I decided to buy a cheap R/C car from Toys "Backwards R" Us. The car cost me about $15. So here's what I plan to do: dissasemble the car, then use the drive motor to power a thrust fan, and the steering mechanism to shift the rudders. I'm going to wing it as I put it on the hovercraft, but my plan is to put a sort of house made of balsa wood on hovercraft and use that to house the propulsion.

7/03/03: I've baught the car. It's called a "Rumble Car." It's made by "Trendmasters," if you want to know. It has lights the flash whenever they're hit (I took them off). See picture for dissasembled version.
7/10/03: I got almost all of the propulsion doohickeys put together. The only thing I need now is to put a propeller on the drive motor and see if it works.

RC car parts
The RC car parts


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Building the Body (First Hover) Edit

I am using the free directions from as a guide. Here is a log of events.

  • June 19: I have cut the foam board and the *other foam board, and bought a propeller. Ordered motor mount, waiting for it to arrive. Looking for motor.

  • July 2: i just got bak from a week long vacation where I got completely new parts (including a motor!) and assembled it there. It wasn't as good as I would like it to be, so it's now a prototype. I call it the Hoverman1. I have to reassemble it, but I'll put more pictures up as soon as I get that done.