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The Griffon!
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Building the Body (First Hover)
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Building the Propulsion (first hover)
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Building the Body (First Hover)

I am using the free directions from as a guide. Here is a log of events.

  • June 19: I have cut the foam board and the *other foam board, and bought a propeller. Ordered motor mount, waiting for it to arrive. Looking for motor.

  • July 2: i just got bak from a week long vacation where I got completely new parts (including a motor!) and assembled it there. It wasn't as good as I would like it to be, so it's now a prototype. I call it the Hoverman1. I have to reassemble it, but I'll put more pictures up as soon as I get that done.

If things on here don't quite match up time-wise, it's because sometimes I forget to update it for a while then do a major update all at once.